Sponge Cake

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Why fluffy sponge cake is so popular?

Sponge cake

When you think about fluffy cake all you can imagine is rich, creamy taste, and aesthetically fluffy texture but to its peak. Fluffy sponge cakes are also known as jiggly cake, sponge cake or cotton cake due to its air-lite savor and pillow-like smoothness which makes it aesthetically very light and bouncy. Fluffy cakes or sponge cakes have become so popular first, for its aesthetic and flavor & second its philosophy. For many, these cotton cheesecakes are nothing but merely a dessert to delight their selves but for true daily dreamers and cheese chasers, these jiggly cakes have become a way to build the connection with their love by strengthening the bond. This is the main philosophy adopted by top Japanese bakeries across the globe.

Jiggly cake

Other reasons behind the popularity of Japanese fluffy cheesecakes include its uses cases. These sponge cakes are suitable for almost every event you can possibly think of. Original Japanese cheesecake recipes have always been subjected to conspiracy. Japanese cheesecakes have been around for decades now and only a few finest bakeries in Japan and the world are actually working with the original recipes and known the process that makes these cakes extremely jiggly and sponge-like soft. Distinct aesthetics, rare but soul snatching savor and sweet yet cheesy flavors are few of the characteristics of this cotton cheesecake that take it to heart!