The Showcase

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The signature Japanese Cheesecakes have become an international phenomenon which has garnered fans around the globe is because of the exciting presentation and the irresistible smell during the making of the cheesecake including the batter mixing, the baking, and the packing.

Uncle fluffy is one its kind and top of the line cake shop in Dubai that specialized in making some of the mount watering, soul-satisfying, beautifully executed and presented cheesy cream cake. We have mastered the art of making these Japanese fluffy cake at an extent that it has become the signature item in uncle Fluffy’s menu. Apart from holding the one of the secret Japanese cheesecake recipe in Dubai and mysterious techniques to give this cake softness of cotton, we have some of the best USP that make the Uncle fluffy stands out of the crowd and we called it the presentation.

Uncle fluffy is not only responsible for creating an ingredient-driven & ingredient-focused Japanese cheesecake that lure the locals as well as travelers in to experience the masterfully executed and meticulously plated Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai but also responsible to make it the center of attraction in Dubai. Ever since Uncle fluffy entered in Japanese cheesecake business, these fluffy cakes have become one of the most demanded and popular items.

We have also craved the initial decoration to present the cake for individual customers as well as the cake decoration and enticing presentation that suites number of occasions. The way we make the designs on the fluffy surface the delicious cake makes it look even marvelous while leaving the deep impact on customers’ heart and in their mouth. In case you are wondering what makes our Japanese fluffy cake you must visit us and have look at our showcase of delicious Japanese cakes and cupcakes in Dubai.