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Japanese food is known for delicacy and uniqueness that includes from adding exclusively chosen ingredients and precise process. Most of them originated in the different locality of Japan and remained secrets for many years. The secret recipe and procedure of making Japanese fluffy cake are also originated in the small town of Hakada in Japan in 1948. Though the authenticity of this Japanese cake have been faded and only few cake shop in Dubai have the secret that makes this melt-in-your-mouth cake an irresistible dessert across the globe.

Uncle Fluffy is one of the cake shop in Dubai that has mastered the art of making jaw-dropping Japanese cheesecake with its lavish light-as-air aroma and cotton pillow like fluffiness. The basic ingredients of Japanese fluffy cake can be searched which are cream cheese, eggs, butter, cream milk, etc. but no one knows how to make an amalgam which later turns out to be the one of the world’s softest and finest cake.

At uncle fluffy, we have our own wide range of carefully chosen ingredients and techniques that justify the original recipe of Japanese cheesecake from Hakada, Japan that will tempt your taste buds. Even the procedure of making this cake is varied from bakery to the bakery but only a few of them have mastered the art of making the magical Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai. Unlike the process of making normal cakes that involves the basic mixing, baking, decorating and serving, this dancing Japanese cheesecake requires some extra efforts and time-consuming process in order to prepare this cake. Cake shops in Dubai spending a lot of time behind the creation of the perfect Japanese cheesecake but only a few of them are getting above average results. We at uncle fluffy can proudly boast out achievement on creating the best Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai leading the number of other bakeries.

We warmly welcome you to have the glimpse of the cake shop in Dubai Mall, Dubai which not only attracts the myriad locals but also visitors that need to pour some sweetness in their journey.