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Ever since uncle fluffy has started the creation of confectionary masterpiece – a Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai it is literally gone wild! Uncle Fluffy entered the UAE market in 2016, and the Japanese cheesecakes became popular cake shop in Dubai. Taking it as the good omen, uncle fluffy never stopped and continue making Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai which is a harmonious marriage of decadent flavors. It has become so popular that customers are queueing for hours waiting for their turn to experience the unforgettable taste of baking masterpiece to spoil themselves.

Not only that, but our Japanese cheesecake in Dubai has made the uncle fluffy a center of attraction in the mall that not even single person either local or visitor can resist themselves to make a visit to us and try our signature Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai. When it comes to occasions such as Birthday, Valentine’s Day, weddings etc. it will become totally impossible to catch up with the demand of our customer but we have somehow managed to bless each and every customer with fluffiness and sweetness of Japanese fluffy cake. Because the cheesecakes are so popular, cheesecakes are limited to one per buyer. There is limited oven capacity and this makes the line shorter.

Uncle fluffy has become the most popular vendor of birthday cake in Dubai, valentine day cake, wedding cake and other special occasion cake in Dubai that we have also avail our customer to order cake online from uncle fluffy’s website directly. Uncle fluffy also offers services like online birthday cakes in Dubai and pay in cash that added us to the list of best bakery in Dubai.