Ever since Uncle Fluffy entered the UAE market in 2016, and the Japanese cheesecakes in Dubai became popular and talk of the town not only on the tongues of the locals but also foreigners have started speaking about the Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai by Uncle Fluffy. The popularity of the Japanese cake and Uncle Fluffy’s reputation as best cake shop in Dubai keep growing with the time and today Uncle fluffy has earned the label Japanese cheesecake legend in Dubai. All credit goes to decades-old Japanese cheesecake recipe, our professional team of chefs, precise mixing, and baking, finishing and packaging.

Moreover, once we started taking orders for various events such as birthday cakes in Dubai, valentine cake, wedding cake and so on, we have started to have customers queueing for hours for their turn to test perfect blend of smoothness and sweetness. It has become totally impossible to catch up with the demand of our customer but we have somehow managed to bless each and every customer with fluffiness and sweetness of Japanese fluffy cake. Japanese cheesecake in Dubai is not just cake but it is feeling that every soul is craving for and uncle fluffy has made it sure to pour the sweetness of Japanese cheesecake in everyone’s’ lives. Because the cheesecakes are so popular and ever-increasing demand of cheesecakes we have to made it limited to one per buyer so everyone can get a chance to test the culinary masterpiece created at the best cake shop in Dubai. Keeping the popularity aside, maintaining the same quality, softness and smoothness of the cake with such a high demand is something we have accomplished leaving the other cake shop in Dubai behind.  During the time of festivals we sometimes ever run out of the oven capacity and this makes the line shorter to catch up with the quality. 

Currently, we offer Japanese fluffy cake in four different sizes depending on your mood or the occasion. we have created best birthday cakes in Dubai, made the business parties successful, created perfect valentine gift, angelic wedding cakes, and what not. Apart from creating some of the best Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai, we have also started offering service like order cake online, online cake delivery in Dubai and custom design cakes. You can visit Uncle Fluffy at Ibn Battuta Mall if you have any custom requirement for birthday cakes in Dubai and we will leave no stone unturned to make it the best birthday cake of your life.

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