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Uncle Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake cheese tart dubai abudabi

Uncle Fluffy Japanese Tart

Unforgettable first bite. Calling all cheese chasers, dairy lovers, savory samplers and those that take cheese tart to heart! Sweet, savory, hot or cold – these versatile tarts will undoubtedly be your newest snack obsession. The tarts are flaky crusts filled with a Hokkaido cheese at the core along with the filling that might be sweet and savory. Later, they are being topped with the egg yolk, added cream cheese, icing sugar, lemon juice (depending on the flavor) to create a thick, heavy, and crunchy combination before they finally go to the oven. It is best to serve the Japanese cheese tart right after getting out of the oven. However, there are tarts which can be made to eating cold. Uncle Fluffy is the exclusive owner of the Japanese tart recipe and the Japanese tart ingredients.