Egypt here we come, Uncle Fluffy in Cairo Festival City Mall August 2019.

Cairo here we come!

With loads of excitement, Uncle Fluffy announced it has awarded a franchise contract in Cairo, Egypt and shall soon open doors to Egyptian cheesecake lovers, the new franchise will be the first in Egypt but it will not be the last as the new franchisee plans to open multiple unit across the country.

Where and when?

According to Kamal Abdul Aziz, CEO of Elpattio based in Egypt, the new franchise will be located Cairo Festival City Mall on August 2019. The experience will be the first of its kind in Egypt and will bring a lot of excitement and flavors to the mall.

 Global aim and fast growth.

According to Alaa Mohra, CEO of Uncle Fluffy, the company has already granted various franchise contracts to major retailers in major cities in the Middle East and Europe including United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, South Africa and United Kingdom.

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