Having secret recipe and process isn’t enough when it comes to creating visually appealing with soul-satisfying scent and mellow aesthetic but it requires cumbersome efforts and time-consuming practice that only professional and experiences erudite chef possess. And that’s where we corner the Japanese cheesecake market in Dubai. All credit goes to our team of erudite all-rounder chef and specialized pastry chefs. Pastry chefs at uncle fluffy belong to some of the diverse Japanese background and food culture that allows them to cater to our customer in authenticating Japanese way while maintaining the modern baking standards. Thanks to our quality-conscious, better-than-the-rest and detail oriented team of chefs.

Their continuous efforts, dedication, skills, and experience when added with the secret recipe of Japanese fluffy cake, the result was astounding that labeled the uncle fluffy as the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to making Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai. These chefs’ only ‘IKIGAI’ is to create some of the heart-craving Japanese fluffy cake that not only melts in your mouth but pours in your heart and soul that you could never ever forget.

Our team consists of the professional and qualified team including a Japanese chef and caterers with extensive experience in their own field ranging from fifteen years each. Their vast experience is one of the reasons that uncle fluffy is reaching the sky and serving as the best cake shop in Dubai. Their skills are not bounded by limits of just cooking skills but they are also the profession in terms of maintaining the health, cleanliness, safety and other food standards which are must to be followed as stated by authorities of the country. We will ensure that our staff is well trained in complying with the legislative requirements set by the local regulatory unit as well as other pertinent standard related to the Safety and Health Environment.

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