Located at Ibn Battuta mall, Uncle fluffy is bakery brand specializing in Japanese cheesecake that combines authentic Japanese ingredients and culinary techniques with modern influences from Western kitchens. Uncle Fluffy is the only holder of the secret of the famous dancing Japanese cheesecake which contains carefully selected ingredients in precise quantities, including decadent cream cheese, premium butter, and the finest farm-fresh eggs! Not only that we have also the team of professionally trained team of chefs with experience of fifteen years each, cakes of every occasion, corporate events and facility to order cake online & cheesecake delivery in Dubai.

Sweetness and softness of Uncle fluffy’s cheesecake

Uncle fluffy has succeeded to take the smoothness and sweetness of Japanese cheesecake in Dubai to another level of height. Our carefully chosen premium ingredients and precise baking method have always managed to create the sweet aroma and delicacy that lure the number of customers in every day. Let’s have look at what our customers have to say regarding the fluffiness and sweetness of mouth melting Japanese cheesecake in Dubai.

Customer: RD from Zomato 

Rating: 4.5/5

Review: I have heard of this famous cake from Japan and was on the lookout for trying someday. I was really happy when I saw a tiny outlet in Ibn Battuta mall with samples of the cake kept before purchasing. I bought one for myself and it was super soft, tasty and worth having again n again. I feel this tastes best when had coffee or tea. Worth trying and Will visit again. 

Customer: Zarah Taimoor Murtaza reviewed us on Facebook

Rating: 5/5 

Review: Divine! LITERALLY melts in the mouth. Must have! 


We are currently offering Japanese fluffy cakes in Dubai in four different sizes. It is known that all Japanese cheesecake have the similar look but we at Uncle Fluffy, with plenty of experience, managed to look it even more enticing with final touches and decoration for birthday cakes in Dubai. Uncle fluffy’s cheesecake does not just feel but also looks pillowy while upper brown surface will give you the glimpse of the sweetness of the cake.  

Customer: Mohammed Hendaway from Zomato

Rating: 5/5

Review: ‘Best cheesecake in Dubai’. They serve very fluffy cheesecake, stopped for a food taste and hooked to buy, was nice and fresh. Its Japanese version of cheesecake and it’s worth a try. Next time will have it with tea 🙂 

Japanese cheesecake delivery in Dubai

Apart from creating the best cheesecakes in Dubai, we also offer the services like Order cheesecake online, online cake delivery and cheesecake delivery in Dubai. We also offer birthday cake delivery, wedding cakes, valentine day cake and any other special occasion cakes in Dubai. We, at Uncle Fluffy, most welcome you to have the test of soul-satisfying and mouthwatering cake made by the best bakery and best cake shop in Dubai.  

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